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#1. Take action against Uyghur’s Forced Labor HERE.

#2. If you feel comfortable, please fill this form to take-part in being a part of a “witness hearing” with Senate Members.
#3. Uyghur Rights Advocacy Project is pushing to have Parliamentary Hearing around July 20 or 21 in Ottawa. If anyone, who is survivor of concentration camp in East Turkistan, is more than welcome to contact us to schedule a testimony in the Parliamentary Hearing. It is important to change Canada’s current China policy through vigorous campaign and advocacy for the protection of the rights of our people.
116 Albert Street Unit 329 Ottawa K1P 5G3 613-621-8512
ئۇيغۇر ھەقلىرىنى ھىمايە قىلىش پروگراممىسى مۇشۇ ئاينىڭ 20ياكى 21-كۈنى كانادا پارلامىنتىدا ئۇيغۇرلار ھەققىدە گۇۋاھلىق بېرىش يىغىنى ئۆتكۈزۈش ئۈچۈن تىرىشىۋاتىدۇ جازا لاگىرلىىدىن ئامان قالغان قېرىنداشلاردىن گۇۋاھلىق بېرىشنى خالايدىغانلارنىڭ بىز بىلەن ئالاقە قىلىشىنى سورايمىز بۇ قەدەملەر كانادانىڭ خىتاي سىياسىتىنى ئۆزگەرتىشتە ۋە ئۇيغۇرلارنىڭ ھەق ھوقۇقلىرىنى قوغداشتا موھىم ئەھمىيەتكە ئگە ھۆرمەت بىلەن مەمەت توختى
116 Albert Street unit 329 Ottawa, K1P 5G3 613-621-8513


Click To Watch The:

Last meeting: Monday, July 20, 2020

Tap Here To Take Action!Support Neel Sharma In His “Hiking for Freedom: Uighur Muslims in China”

Vist His Website

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Recent Publications
“Canada should recognize the situation as genocidal – acknowledging that the duty to prevent has been triggered – imposed sanctions under the Magnitsky Act on all officials and entities involved. A complaint filed with ICC by two Uyghur organizations in exile names more than 30 Chinese officials responsible, including President Xi Jinping” said Mehmet Tohti, executive Director of Uyghur Rights Advocacy Project and Azeezah Kanji, Legal academicAugust 10, 2020Interview by Mehmet Tohti, Executive Director of URAPAugust 1, 2020Ottawa faces call to probe forced-labour camps operating in China’s Xinjiang provinceJuly 30, 2020Government of Canada Must Condemn China’s Immoral & Illegal Use of Forced LabourJuly 29, 2020View More Posts

Important Info

▸ Our Mission Statement

Welcome to URAP.ca. URAP.ca is funded by Washington DC based the National Endowment Fund for Democracy, The Uyghur Rights Advocacy Project (URAP), undertaken by UYGHUR Refugee Relief Fund, works to to increase Uyghur Advocacy and Uyghur awareness in Canada and internationally to discuss the increasingly prominent issue of Uyghur refugees, ongoing advocacy efforts with the Canadian government, Canadian Parliament and Senate, as well as other related parties and international bodies.

The dire situation of Uyghur Refugees and the urgency of providing timely response to their needs has been one of the crucial and top challenges for Uyghur organizations and international community. It has also been appeared as a significantly confrontational issue between US led Western democracies and China, in the cases of mass Uyghur refugees repatriation from Southeast Asian, Central Asian and Middle Eastern countries. Chinese government has been very aggressive with its all State powers to vigorously force other countries to hand over the Uyghur refugees back to China since early 2000s. Dysfunctionality of UNHCR and its inability in offering timely protection for Uyghur refugees in those area, in addition to lack of procedural and legal understanding of this matter among the Uyghur refugees themselves, turned the situation much dire than ever.
Consistent advocacy works in Canada and in other right-minded countries has become crucial, not only for securing the rights of those who are in urgent needs of protection, at the same time, for the creation of greater awareness on Uyghurs’ plight in the global level in order to combat against strong China’s assertiveness

▸ What Will We Do?

The URAP will prepare an online format of booklet translated into Uyghur language about the rights of Uyghur refugees and provide them with fundamentals on how to prepare documentations and evidences.

The URAP will prepare fundamentals and info kits for Uyghurs refugees with specific guidance on how to come and contact with relevant authorities and organizations in case of any emergency situation.
The URAP will continue its efforts for information and testimony collection from Uyghur refugees and translate testimonies as well as first-hand accounts into English for systematic data Base and documentation purpose.
As Canadian Parliament has voted to set up an especial committee on China recently, the URRF will actively engage the committee members with the updates on the current situation of Uyghurs in China and dire need of Uyghur refugees around the world.
The URRF will also be undertaking substantial advocacy campaigns regarding China’s influences in Canadian politics, Universities and media broadcasts as well as China’s brutal campaign of interning 2-4 million Uyghurs in concentration camps, systematic abuses of Uyghurs specifically in East Turkestan by monitoring press coverage in Canada and act precisely on time to negate the efforts from pro-CCP lobbying groups by undertaking initiatives to launch counter arguments for gaining positive press coverage.
The URAP will also increase efforts to form an Uyghur Friendship group in Canadian Parliament and create long term platform for better advocacy to invoke the Magnitsky Bill to prosecute those Chinese officials who are responsible for massive crimes committed against Uyghurs in East Turkistan. This platform will increase greater awareness of Uyghur’s tragedy in East Turkistan and boost our efforts for settlement of Uyghur refugees from China-dependent countries in a safe third countries.
The URAP will continue to advocate to hold frequent Parliamentary Hearing on the situation of Uyghurs and urge the Committee members to release parliamentary reports with concrete policy recommendations to Canadian government. To establish solid networking channels with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Canada, Ministry of Immigration and other concerned parties in energized efforts of advocating and facilitating the re-settlement of stateless Uyghurs who face deportation threat in host countries to China.
URAP will work on increase of scope and sophistication of Canadian advocacy efforts by enlarging the networking both in quantity and quality. To reach out Canadian media outlets and get positive feedback, to counter Chinese state propaganda efforts on Canadian soil
The URAP, in close corporation with all right minded organizations and other prominent Canadian NGOs, will work to counter on a rapid basis any Chinese misinformation campaigns on Canadian soil by expanding working relationships with other concerned communities.
We work to develop a better connection with the Canadian Council for International Refugees, UNHCR Canada and Headquarter in Geneva.

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Our Call For ActionJuly 23, 2020URAP Executive Director Mr.Mehmet Tohti’s testimony given to Canadian Parliament on July 20th 2020July 20, 2020IPAC Petition AppealJuly 8, 2020URAP LogoImageImage[/cs_content_seo]