URAP joined with partners for renewed campaign against 2022 Beijing Olympics

The Hypocrisy of Diplomatic Boycott


“Diplomatic boycott is not a boycott. It is just an act of being absent from participating without opposing. It is nothing but self-fooling.”


~Mehmet Tohti~


If the 2008 Beijing Summer Games was the coming out party for China as an economic powerhouse, then the 2022 Beijing Winter Games will showcase China as a political superpower that defies global rule-based order, ignores diplomatic protocols and breaks international agreements. The Chinese Communist Party is determined to use the Games to show that it can be a global leader based on its authoritarian rule and wolf-warrior diplomacy.


The 2022 Games are the best way for China to prove that its super power is built on ethnic genocide and systematic repression in East Turkestan, Tibet and Southern Mongolia; clampdown on rights and freedoms in Hong Kong; dictatorial rule, extensive surveillance and harsh iron-grip over Chinese citizens; aggressive expansion in the international waters of the South China Sea; cover up the origin of the COVID-19 pandemic that caused over 4 million deaths; the Belt and Road Initiatives that colonize developing countries, and so much more.


In spite of all these, western democracies are most willing to send their best and brightest athletes to attend yet another glamorous party that celebrates China’s bloodstained achievement, where they need to exercise self-censorship for fear of arbitrary detention. They call this diplomatic boycott.


They are ready to set the stage for Beijing to have the honour and prestige to become the first city that hosts both the summer and winter Olympics. They are also ready to take part in the world’s biggest propaganda machinery, signaling to the CCP that it can continue to commit atrocities at home and trample democracies around the world.


A diplomatic boycott won’t put any pressure on the Chinese Communist regime. Instead, it will further strengthen and embolden China. A diplomatic boycott is the western democracies’ biggest hypocrisy, kowtowing to the CCP’s economic coercion on the one hand, but pretending to be standing up to a genocidal dictatorship on the other.


Instead of a diplomatic boycott, a more practical and effective solution is moving the Games away from China. We could delay the Winter Games by one year if necessary. Only by moving the game can the CCP feel any international pressure to stop its atrocities at home and halt its global aggression.  Let’s renew the call to Move the 2022 Winter Olympics out of China.


Be a Champion for Change! Move the games!

Join the call: https://www.change.org/MoveThe2022Games


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Link to video statement: https://youtu.be/qKt3C9DFJoI