Testimony before the SDIR by Mehmet Tohti

Dear Chairman and Honorable Members of this Committee


Thank you for your invitation.

During my Parliamentary testimony on Oct 2, 2018, I have stated that the textbook example of ethnic cleansing, collective punishment and the dehumanization of Uyghur people became a routine and raised fear and alarm about what is going to be next. Alarm I referred to by then was the genocide against Uyghurs committed by China and it is proven that it has been the case now.

What is new since then?

China has completed the phase of full-scale Cultural genocide and entered to the extermination level of an entire ethnic group who owned the ancestral home land referred by its natives as East Turkistan and occupied by China since 1949.

Visualize this fact. By 2019,  80% of Uyghur women of reproductive age have been fully sterilized, almost 80% of Uyghur males of reproductive age have been sent to either  concentration camps, prisons or into slavery in mainland China’s factories that are 5000 to 6000 km away from their homes; Uyghur children separated from their families and sent to State run orphanages.

So, when an entire ethnic population is declining without any replenishment, it will be erased within the span of only one generation.  That is exactly what we are discussing today.

Number of explosive leakages came to light one after another are proving me right.

  • New York Times explosive Leakage.

November 16, 2019, New York Times has published more than 404 pages internal documents  under the title of “absolutely No Mercy, directly quoted by Xi Jinping.

“Show Absolutely No Mercy” policy aimed to achieve 4 goals, as exposed by AFP, “break their lineage, break their roots, break their connections and break their origins. Rounded up as many as needed to, show absolutely no mercy”. This is declaration of Uyghur genocide and now we are watching it in direct live stream show.

  • ICIJ leakage

Following by the second big explosive leakage which came from the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, in which our Canadian CBC was part of it, on Nov 24, 2019

This is highly classified Chinese inner-circle documents revealed the detailed operating manuals and step by step control mechanisms designed by Zhu Hai Lun on how to implement Xi Jinping’s “Absolutely No Mercy” policy on the ground through the Orwellian system.

  • Qaraqash List

the “Qaraqash Document,” shows how the detained Uyghurs were swept into concentration camps for “an offenses” like  growing a beard, wearing a headscarf, applying for a passport having multiple children, visiting abroad, abandoning alcohol or abstaining cigarettes etc.

In short, Qaraqash List was the micro-level implementation of operating manuals leaked to the International Consortium of Investigative Journalism.

  • ASPI Report

Fourth biggest explosive report was from Australian Strategic Policy Institute, entitled “Uyghurs for Sale” published on February 28, 2020.

This report revealed how Chinese government integrated Uyghur slave labor within the Global community through supply chains of more than 83 well-known brands. Apple, BMW, Gap, Huawei, Nike, Samsung, Sony and Volkswagen, even our Bombardier. As consumers of those 83 global brands we are indirectly supporting the Chinese slavery of Uyghurs.

 Adrian Zenz Report

In addition, the most shocking report from Dr. Adrian Zenz detailed state sponsored, enforced sterilization of Uyghur women. at some counties and prefectures, enforced sterilization has reached to 80% and therefore birthrate of Uyghurs dropped to zero in 2019 while more than 2 million ethnic Han transferred to the region.

One more draw dropping event reported recently was the seizure of 13 Tons of hair products came from imprisoned Uyghur women in concentration camps.  it takes at least 300,000 Uyghur women’s hair to make it to 13 tons. In Auschwitz Memorial Museum displayed the mountains of hairs taken from Jewish victims after murdering them in the gas chamber, China instead has just commercialized it.

The undeniable evidence of the Chinese government’s deliberate policy to eradicate the Uyghurs  proven by its own internal documents clearly meets and even exceeds the each category of Genocide definition that includes,   (a) killing; (b) causing serious bodily or mental harm; (c) deliberately inflicting conditions of life to bring about the group’s physical destruction; (d) imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group; and (e) forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.

There are many prominent figures also sending alarm bell, those including:

Anne Applebaum, the Pulltzer Prize winning historian and survivor of Soviet Gulag wrote in Washington Post : “ in China, Never Again is Happening Again”

 Fred Hilatt,  editorial page editor of the Washington Post stated: “ In China, every day is Kristallnacht”( Kristal Nah)( Crystal Night)

Dr. Ellen J. Kennedy, the executive Director of World Without Genocide at Michelli Hamline School of Law wrote recently: “High Tech Genocide: From Jews to the Uyghurs”

The US Congress has passed the Uyghur Human Rights Policy Act and President Trumps signed it into law.

The US commission of International Religious Freedom has issued fresh statement calling Chinese mass sterilization of Uyghurs as the “Evidence of Genocide”

Continued silence on Uyghur Genocide is the tacit approval of Genocide itself. United Nations, entire Humanity is on test.  the time is over for sidelining the issue or raising it privately  within the scope of Human Rights  while conducting business as usual. Scale and depth of evil that committed by CCP has already shocked  the conscious of civilized  world. And yet what we knew so far is the only drop of ocean.

Here is what this committee should do:

  1. This Committee needs recognize the atrocities committed towards Uyghurs as Genocide and Canada should lead the world to stop and prevent
  2. This Committee has to issue strong actionable proposal to our government on Uyghur genocide. Let Xi Jinping in Beijing know that our government is under pressure from Canadian Public and parliamentarians alike and united. Strong actionable proposal is necessary to strengthen the hands of our government to safeguard our national interest with China.
  3. Impose Magnitsky sanctions on those Chinese officials responsible for Uyghur genocide. We severely undermined our own credibility by applying Magnitsky Bill towards some individuals from some countries and set aside it when it comes to China.
  4. Ban all products coming from China that are associated with Uyghur forced labor. Onus should be on the companies to prove that their product and supply chain is not related to forced labor.
  5. Pass Organ transplant Bill to ban any human organs originated from China as Israel, Spain and recently Belgium did already.
  6. Urge our Ministry of immigration to accept nearly 2380 Uyghur refugee families and stateless children trapped in Turkey or other vulnerable countries as they face possible deportation to China.
  7. Remind the Immigration and Refugee Board to accept the claim of Uyghur refugees made here in Canada without further delay as long as their Uyghur identity is proven. There is no need to compel those Uyghur refugees to tell their horrible stories in pain and in tears before the adjudicators. I have witnessed a number of such a hearing at IRB and it is always painful. For that reason, Sweden decided to accept all Uyghurs as refugees collectively. That is the right move because China is targeting all Uyghurs and all Uyghurs are at the risk indiscriminately.
  8. China’s government has been in denial of providing any records or other official documents for Uyghur refugee families since a long time and CIC is still asking Uyghur refugees to provide such documents from China to process their family sponsorship program. For that reason alone, Uyghur refugee families are shattered, divided without unification. Can we adjust some technical requirements like this to the actual situation on the ground and make it easier for the Uyghur refugees to unite with their families without imposing double penalty on them?
  9. There are three members of Uyghur families fighting to bring their spouses to Canada. All three have a total 8 Canadian-born children. They are former detainees in Guantanamo, cleared by the US Court Marshalls back in 2003 and have been released. They are:

Salahidin Abdulahad

Uyghur, 43 years old, father to 4 children who are all Canadian Citizens, unable to live with his wife and children in Canada. He is in Bermuda.

Ayub Mohammed

Uyghur 37 years old, married to Canadian Citizen, father of 2 Canadian Citizens, US martial court cleared him in 2003. He is unable to live, with his wife and children here in Canada. He is currently residing in Albania.

Khalil Mamut,

Uyghur 42 years old Father of one (Canadian PR), and 2 Canadian citizen children. Khalil lives and financially supports his family from Bermuda, he wants to reunite with his wife and three young children in Toronto.

Looking forward for your further questions

Thank you

Mehmet Tohti

Executive Director of Uyghur Rights Advocacy Project