Terry Glavin: When will Canada join the rest of the democratic world in standing up to China?

Terry Glavin
Nov 11, 2020

It’s not true that Joe Biden is soft on China. It was Biden, not Trump, who described Xi Jinping this way, in February: “This is a guy who is a thug.” Trump, meanwhile, has called Xi “a great leader.” Trump has also admitted to backing away from holding Beijing to account for Xi’s rampages in Hong Kong and Xinjiang in order to gain advantages at the trade-talks table.

Here’s Trump, two years ago: “President Xi and I will always be friends.” As recently as this past January: “He’s for China, I’m for the U.S.,” Trump said, “but other than that, we love each other.” Trump has gone out of his way to cut Xi slack on Xinjiang. Biden has gone out of his way to declare Beijing’s mass imprisonment of the Uyghurs and the obliteration of Uyghur culture a genocide.