Recent escalation of Uyghur arrest in Turkey

Since China’s ratification of China-Turkey extradition Treaty on December 26, 2020, Turkish police have started raiding to Uyghur homes and made more than 20 arrests in Istanbul and elsewhere.

Turkey and China have signed extyradition agreement of May 13, 2017.

All detained Uyghur are holders of Turkish residency permit.

Abdullah Metseydi, 27, was arrested at 2PM on January 20, 2021 and sent to Selivri deportation center.

He was holding Turkish residence permit.

Uyghur Lady feeding a baby got arrested in Istanbul as a suspicious terrorist at 12 January 18. Baikere Aminamu ( Amine Bekir in Uyghur) came to Turkey 2015, has never been to anywhere since then. She got arrested and took to the Sefakoy police station, family are afraid of deportation.

Amine Bekri with her child was arrested on January 18, 2021 and sent to deportation ecnter

Just a few minutes ago  another Uyghur who was arrested 18 December midnight identified asn Tash Qari, a Turkish citizen with Uyghur origin. He is the number fourth, just be identified.

Last midnight is the second round of Mass Arrest since first started on December 2020.

Uyghur activist @AbduwelA identified more than 18 Uyghurs were already arrested.

All Uyghurs are holding long term Turkish residence permit in Turkey.


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