MP Candidate should answer before asking my vote


If elected as a Member of Parliament, will you support the following?


1)     In February, 2021, the Canadian parliament recognized China’s treatment of its Uyghur population as genocide.


However, the Liberal Government has not yet acknowledged this genocide.


Will you support and would your government support acknowledging the Uyghur genocide perpetrated by the People’s Republic of China?

2)     Unlike Canada’s allies in Europe and the USA, Canada has not seized any shipments from the Uyghur region tainted by forced Uyghur labor despite the Global Affairs Canada Advisory released on January 12, 2021.


Canada has taken no concrete and credible steps to stop cotton and tomato products and solar panels that are made using Uyghur forced labour from entering Canada.


Will you support a ban on all imports from the Uyghur region in China that are tainted by the use of forced Uyghur labour?



3)     Despite Canadian parliament’s recommendation of “creating the exceptional refugee streamflow” for Uyghur and other native Turkic-speaking people of East Turkistan earlier in 2021, Canada has taken no concrete steps to carry through on this recommendation.


Will you support carrying through with this recommendation and facilitating Uyghur refugees’ resettlement into Canada?

4)     Canada Pension Plan Investment Board (CPPIB) manages over $500 billion of Canadian pension funds.


CPPIB is investing over $50 billion of Canadian taxpayers’ money in Chinese companies using forced labour thus indirectly subsidising the Uyghur genocide.


Will you support legislation barring Canadian pension funds from investing in any country recognized by the Canadian parliament to be committing genocide?

5)     There is concern about the Chinese government’s influence on Canadian politics, state owned enterprises, universities, academia and strategic areas of significant national interest.

Will you support a “Foreign Agent Registration Act”, requiring agents of foreign governments to fully disclose their activities on behalf of those governments?


I will support this/ I will not support this.



I will support this/ I will not support this.


I will support this/ I will not support this.


I will support this/ I will not support this.


I will support this/ I will not support this.





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