Infokit for Uyghur Tribunal

The Uyghur Rights Advocacy Project is undertaking serious campaign on three areas:
Urging Members of Parliament to join the ongoing Uyghur Genocide Petition in the Parliament.
Urging the government of Canada to acknowledge the Uyghur genocide and  fulfill its legal obligation to prevent and stop it from further continuation.
Thirdly,  educating victims and possible witnesses to testify at the Uyghur Genocide Tribunal.
For that purpose URAP has prepared brief info kit to explain the each elements of Genocide and its definition, introduction of Uyghur Genocide Tribunal and its procedures, highlight the importance of evidence and testimony collection.
This info kit is important to get basic understanding on the requirement of evidence, and determination of what could be admissible evidence at the Uyghur Tribunal.
Please feel free to reach us with your suggestions and update, if any.
Please also read following info kit in order to better understand on how to prepare your testimony and provide evidences for the Uyghur Tribunal

ئۇيغۇر قېرغىنچىلىق سوت كوللىگىيەسە دەلىل توپلاش قوللانمىسى