Announcement on the formation of the Uyghur Legal Initiative, Policy Advisory Team, and Research Team of the URAP

January 14, 2022

Uyghur Rights Advocacy Project is pleased to announce the establishment of the Uyghur Legal Initiative, the Policy Advisory Team, and the Research Advisory Team comprised of dedicated professionals and experts with the aim of further promoting the rights of the Uyghurs, who are currently subjected to ongoing atrocity crimes including genocide and crimes of humanity, by the Chinese Communist Party.

Numerous independent legal scholarsexperts as well as the London-based Uyghur Tribunal have concluded that the Chinese government is committing atrocity crimes, including crimes against humanity and genocide, against the Uyghurs.

The Uyghurs are subjected to, among other things, widespread surveillance, mass arbitrary detentions, physical torture, sexual and gender-based violence including sexual torture, forced sterilization, killings, deportation and forceful transfer of population, persecution, enforced disappearances, and the forcible transfer of children.

States and international institutions have a responsibility to act, without delay, to protect the Uyghurs and to promote their rights. Lawyers, policy-makers, and researchers have a role to play in mobilizing international legal systems to take these actions.

To address this pressing need, the Uyghur Rights Advocacy Project has set up teams of legal professionals, policy experts and researchers.

The Uyghur Legal Initiative will navigate and explore domestic and international legal systems, in Canada and globally, and pursue various mechanisms to address the ongoing Uyghur genocide and commission of other atrocity crimes against the Uyghurs. The Policy Advisory Team will focus on policy initiatives in Canada and globally, to advance Uyghur human rights. Finally, the Research Advisory Team will focus on the investigation of High-Tech Chinese companies that have strong exposure in the Canadian markets and strong ties and collaboration with the Chinese government’s ongoing atrocities and crimes against the Uyghurs.

The Uyghur Rights Advocacy Project salutes these dedicated lawyers, policy experts, and researchers, and is committed to working with them to use the proper legal and political mechanisms to seek justice and to hold those responsible to account.

The Uyghur Legal Initiative is formed by the following members:

Sarah Teich

David Matas

John Packer

Clive Ansley

Yonah Diamond

Azeezah Kenji

The Policy Advisor Team is formed by the following members:

David Kilgour

Charles Burton

Margarett McCuaig Johnston

Marcus Kolga

Scott Simon

The Research Advisory Team is formed by the following:

Conor Healy

Geoffrey Aharon

Please read report from the link below:

Members of Uyghur Legal, Policy and Research Advisory Team