What will we do?

What will we do?


The URAP will continue its efforts for information and testimony collection from Uyghur refugees and translate testimonies as well as first-hand accounts into English for systematic database and documentation purposes.

The UAP will also be undertaking substantial advocacy campaigns regarding China’s influences in Canadian politics, Universities and media broadcasts.

By monitoring the press coverage in Canada and act precisely on time to negate the efforts from pro-CCP lobbying groups by undertaking initiatives to launch counter arguments for gaining positive press coverage.

The URAP will also increase efforts to form a Uyghur Friendship group in Canadian Parliament and create a long-term platform for better advocacy to invoke the Magnitsky Bill which prosecutes those Chinese officials who are responsible for massive crimes committed against Uyghurs in East Turkestan. This platform will increase greater awareness of the Uyghur’s tragedy in East Turkestan and boost our efforts for the effective advocacy in Canada with frequent interaction with Canadian policy makers.

The URAP will continue to advocate holding frequent Parliamentary hearings on the situation of Uyghurs and urge the Committee members to release Parliamentary reports with concrete policy recommendations to the Canadian government. This is to establish solid networking channels with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Canada, Ministry of Immigration and other concerned parties in energized efforts of advocating and facilitating the re-settlement of stateless Uyghurs who face deportation threats in host countries from China.

URAP will work on increasing the scope and sophistication of Canadian advocacy efforts by enlarging the networking both in quantity and quality. To reach out to Canadian media outlets and get positive feedback, to counter Chinese state propaganda efforts on Canadian soil

The URAP, in close cooperation with all right-minded organizations and other prominent Canadian NGOs, will work to counter Chinese misinformation campaigns on Canadian soil.