Our Mission Statement

Welcome to URAP.ca. URAP.ca is funded by Washington DC based the National Endowment Fund for Democracy, The Uyghur Rights Advocacy Project (URAP), undertaken by UYGHUR Refugee Relief Fund, works to to increase Uyghur Advocacy and Uyghur awareness in Canada and internationally to discuss the increasingly prominent issue of Uyghurs, ongoing advocacy efforts with the Canadian government, Canadian Parliament and Senate, as well as other related parties and international bodies.

The dire situation of Uyghurs in East Turkistan and abroad,  the urgency of providing timely response to their needs has been one of the crucial and top challenges for Uyghur organizations and international community. It has also been appeared as a significantly confrontational issue between US led Western democracies and China, in the cases of mass Uyghur refugees repatriation from Southeast Asian, Central Asian and Middle Eastern countries.

Consistent advocacy works in Canada and in other right-minded countries has become crucial, not only for securing the rights of those who are in urgent needs of protection, at the same time, for the creation of greater awareness on Uyghurs’ plight in the global level in order to combat against strong China’s assertiveness through strong documentation.